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Building Healthy Relationships
This has been one of our most requested workshops since we first presented it about seven years ago.  This is an avenue to help individuals, as well as couples, in the daily involvement of living life more successfully when connecting to people out of who "they" are. . . . not out of who "we" are.
Generational Perspectives

"Why do they act that way?"  "What were they thinking?"  Have you ever asked yourself these questions?  This workshop is one of our most popular and revealing study for people groups of all ages. 

Discover the different mind-sets and value driven aspects from grand-parent's, parent's, children's, and grand-children's actions and re-actions. 

Welcome to The Inquest Group!

We assist individuals, churches, groups, and denominations in building systems that produce multiplying ministries and proven performance. Through an established assessment process, discovery workshops, an experienced coach, and an ongoing support system, ministries and individuals are positioned to make advances in carrying out key strategies.


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